Voices of the Amazon 

VOICES OF THE AMAZON promises an exhilarating live experience, embracing the true spirit of Brazil.

In the swirling waters of the Amazon

there lived two sisters

two halves of one whole

the river's daughters.

But their world was changing

And a sickness saw one grow pale, grow thin.

There came a day when Beleza knew she only had one choice to

save the most important thing in her life and venture deep into

the Amazon rainforest.

Where invisible eyes watch

And wild creatures reign.

With Music composed by Ella Spira and songs co-written by Danni Nascimento, Dito Martins & Julien Davis, the music of Voices of the Amazon blends the intricate harmonies arranged by Naomi Hammerton with sounds of the Amazon rainforest by Adrian Rhodes to create a captivating atmosphere.

Spira has successfully composed this contemporary music by creating an ecletic mix of Latin songs that brings authenticity and a Brazilian feel to Voices of the Amazon.

Bespoke Music Services

Sisters Grimm creates bespoke music in all genres and works with artists including DJ's and live musicians of all styles. 

For any bespoke music enquiries please get in touch through our contact page.

Sisters Grimm has recorded at Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst and Air Edel studios and produced a CD of music from their production INALA.

Ella Spira - Composer, Producer and Co-Director of Sisters Grimm

As a composer Ella prefers writing music to be heard alongside visual media. She has written for film, TV and the stage. In addition she has remixed for the likes of Bruno Mars and presented for BBC Radio 3.

Ella is happy working in many genres and was mentored by David Arnold, composer of several James Bond movies.

In 2008 Ella was nominated for the Channel 4 Talented Newcomers Award for Production Music, partly as a result of her achievements as a UK delegate for a European Arts Initiative sponsored by the British Council. One year later she was commissioned to write a series of pieces for the prestigious BAFTA/Rocliffe New Writers’ Forum for the 2009 International Screenwriters Festival.

Sisters Grimm's renowned, multi disciplinary, multi-cultural show INALA, for which Ella was the co-writer with Ladysmith Back Mambazo, has been praised for its audio visual spectacle selling out theatres across the UK and internationally.

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