Corporate Work

The directors of Sisters Grimm Pietra Mello- Pittman and Ella Spira both had careers working for a broad range of high calibre establishments including the Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, BBC, BAFTA and Ministry of Sound; Ella as a composer, Pietra as a Royal Ballet ballerina and together as producers.

With their expertise in theatre, dance, music film making, Sisters Grimm can produce bespoke content for your brand or event.  

They have held events and provided bespoke content at the follwoing venues:

  • South African Tourism and WTM: Provided event entertainment and Brand materials.
  • Commonwealth Club in London - SA Tourism hosted a “South African Adventure” on Thursday, 24 January
  • Taste London - Provided bespoke sound scape and music
  • Excel Centre - World Travel Market (WTM) Bespoke Music for SAT stand for the duration of the market.
  • Maddison Bar - SAT Awards Evening: Evening Content produced: Music, Dance, Live Performance, Film and Photography.
  • 2011 Royal Opera House Clore Studio and Ashton Studio Performance and Film Screening Event and Reception (300 people)
  • Hospital Club Screening Event


Sisters Grimm produced the UNICEF song for UNICEF'S New Years Campaign!  The “Put your money where your mouth is” song, was written by Ella Spira & Julien Davis.

The catchy song and singing blue mouth formed Unicef's campaign to keep the children of Syria safe in 2016.






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